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X9 iperEspresso – Chrome

AED 1,326.15

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Out of stock


SKU: 180840002





The new, unique ellipse-shaped body that houses the Iperespresso technology is made entirely of chrome-plated aluminium. It is quite compact with fully frontal use; the water tank can be partially extracted for refills even while the machine is functioning. The flow meter ensures more consistent serving sizes and the LED illuminates the cup as coffee is dispensed. The machine’s top has room for two cups and the commands make it possible to memorize and select two different espresso sizes. The X9 is the very essence of illy Iperespresso, and transcends its function as it turns from a mere appliance to a home furnishing piece.

One year manufacturer warranty from the day that the item is received (delivery date) which includes damages caused by sudden and unforeseen mechanical, electrical, and manufacturer defects. Parts that are broken or impaired as a result of accidental damage or improper use shall not be covered.

Out of stock