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Guarana Blend Acai Energy – 100g

AED 4.55

Guarana Blend Acai Energy – 100g

Certified organic and free from refined sugars formulated with Guarana extract to compliment the Açaí flavour, making them the perfect addition to your smoothies or breakfast bowls. Preparation: Cut pack in half with knife. Add other ingredients such as bananas, berries, juice or non-dairy milk. Sweeten to taste if desired. Combine in a blender, mix […]

AED 4.55
Out of stock

Acai Superfood Scoopable Tub – 3kg

Made from fresh picked Açaí Berries wild grown in the Amazon rainforest, our Açaí is frozen immediately after harvesting, resulting in a deep rich purple colour with a high concentration of antioxidants and omegas 3, 6 and 9. Preparation: Scoop straight out of the tub and serve immediately or combine with ingredients such as bananas, […]