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ily cappucino cup

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Mona Hatoum Collection – Set of 2 Cappuccino Cups

With an artistic practice spanning four decades, visual artist Mona Hatoum is internationally recognise for her oeuvre, which is realised in a diverse and often unconventional range of media, including installations, sculptures, video, photography and works on paper. For the illy art collection, Hatoum has used an abstraction of the fishnet grid and olive leaf […]

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Ai Wei Wei Collection – Set of 4 Cappuccino

The new illy Art Collection designed by Ai Weiwei is inspired by his famous Coloured Vases (2006), ancient Neolithic vases that the artist dipped into cans of industrial paint, radically changing their appearance and function. With these desecrating ready-mades Ai Weiwei renews and transforms an artefact from the past into a work of contemporary art, […]