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Plant Based Egg Omelette Wrap – 500g

AED 33.13

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Out of stock


SKU: 167490002





Our fluffy, easy-to-roll OnlyEg XL Omelette Wraps are perfect for breakfast wraps, tacos, and tortillas. Even better, they can be carved into any shape of choice for round omelettes, thin noodles, triangles and more!


Microwave: Remove from the package and defrost in a microwave for 10 – 15 mins using the defrost setting.
Fridge: Defrost in the chiller section of the fridge overnight before use.

Reheating instructions:

  • Unwrap the sheet to its full size and slice your desired portion
  • Heat the omelette in a pan on medium heat with oil. Pan fry for 1 minute and serve

Out of stock