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illyCrema – 1kg

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In Stock


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illycrema is the frozen coffee cream with 100% Arabica illy coffee, and micro particles of ice. Easy to make thanks to the ready-to-use powder mixture. illycrema is soft, fresh, and velvety: it is ideal as an after lunch dessert or for a pleasant break whenever you want.

Preparation (in the granita maker):
a. Use an electric or hand whisk to mix together the following ingredients in a very large bowl (at least 5 litres):
• 1 kg of illycrema preparation
• 3 litres of fresh whole milk
b. Pour the mixture into the granita machine, lift the flap under the dispensing tap and turn the switch on the left to 2 (symbol II) and the switch on the right to 1 (symbol I).
c. Wait until the product is ready before serving (about 1 hour and 40 min) and then pour directly from the tap:
• 60 ml product (in 70 ml illy glass = 90 kcal and 33 mg caffeine)
• 100 ml product (in 170 ml illy glass (conical)= 150 kcal and 54 mg caffeine)

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