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“You” Matteo Attruia Collection – Set of 6 Espresso Saucers

AED 197.40

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Out of stock


SKU: 170160001





Matteo Attruia mixes up the new illy Art Collection into 36 combinations of different phrases, each with its own meaning, and each with a positive message. The artist uses a technique that evokes a “ransom note”. This is not so much tied to a choice of aesthetics or decoration, but rather as a representation of the contradiction between signified and signifier, creating a clear expressive short circuit. The time we take to enjoy a coffee can be a moment for social interaction and communication, where everyone leaves a trace of their presence. Matteo Attruia invites us to do just this and participate in making this collection special. The cup and the saucer depend on each other to produce a meaningful message, but you must become the co-author and decide how to combine them and make the project unique. Just like your coffee experience.

Out of stock