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Francis Francis X7.1 iperEspresso – Red

AED 900.90

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In Stock


SKU: 180830001





X7.1 is the evolution of the current X7 machine: its modern and appealing design – by Luca Trazzi’s creativity – mingles with an even more advanced technology which makes the preparation of an espresso and a cappuccino easier and faster. Just insert an iperEspresso capsule and the illy espresso brews into the cup without any contact with the machine. Just a touch to get an excellent espresso, right from the first to the last brew, and a creamy, thick and velvety milk froth.

One year manufacturer warranty from the day that the item is received (delivery date) which includes damages caused by sudden and unforeseen mechanical, electrical, and manufacturer defects. Parts that are broken or impaired as a result of accidental damage or improper use shall not be covered.

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